Pat Gunn (dachte) wrote,
Pat Gunn

Conflicting Life Philosophies

Sometimes when I get into arguments with people, I'm surprised at exactly how differently they approach *everything* involving human conflict. I'm sure there's a bit of mutual irritation and feelings that the other person "just doesn't have a clue". In this case, it was about a techno-social problem where my general approach is to find a good way to get bad users off the network, having the law impose liabilities on anyone who would mask the true source of abusive communications (e.g. tor), while their approach was to say it's the responsibility of the client to deal with abuse and filter it out. To me, this feels like telling people to wear lots of armour to survive gunfights in the streets rather than stopping the gunfights and hunting down people who do them or protect those who do. To them, no doubt I seem like an old conservative legalist for attempting to interfere with letting people do whatever they want on the network. Zeitgeist versus Zeitgeist (of a different Zeit)..

I am getting really tired of having arguments or even discussions where I disagree right now though. I'm probably at the point where I'll have to consciously take a break from it though - I've been feeling emotionally exhausted recently.

Oh, and Oingo Boingo's music videos are really awesome. I wish I had discovered them earlier.


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