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Feeling of Others

I wonder if the Japanese writing system, which typically has words of native or Chinese origin written in a mix of hiragana (a syllabary) and kanji, and words of foreign (non-Japanese non-Chinese) words written in katakana (a "cursive" mirror of hiragana), leads to a lower rate of absorbtion for foreign words into feeling "fully native" in the language (say, the distinction between Weltanschauung or Schadenfreude, two reasonably widely understood German woods borrowed into English, versus Kindergarten or Gezundheit, which have fully joined the language). This is probably enhanced by the Japanese language not having particularly complex syllables, as a lot of foreign languages that have very different syllables would probably never fully feel natural in Japanese (unless they morphed into a fully Japanese form, like Pocket Mon(sters) -> Pokémon)

Off to the Beehive... I may be there the whole day, unless something more interestng turns up.


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