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I had a longish IM chat with one of my former bosses (several bosses back) who's now a friend, and it turns out that he wants me to do some part-time sysadmin work for him on a telecommuting basis for one of his (many) projects/companies. I like the idea on some levels, particularly because he's an über-hacker himself and we see mostly eye-to-eye on matters of judgement and technologies appropriate for the job. Two things I don't like: over the years since I've worked for him we've developed as nice a friendship as is possible for two people living in different cities (when I'm in Columbus I often meet him and his wife for Bubble Tea, Indian Food, and a trip to MicroCenter) and adding the employer/employee relationship back always complicates that, and I'd need to figure out "my hourly rate". I won't say I'm no good with money, but this part of employment is not one I particularly like - it's made more complex by the fact that one would presumably charge different rates for close-to-fulltime employment versus a bunch of separate projects that are suppoesd to add up to supporting one's lifestyle. Meh. It would be nice to have an income again though, and maybe more importantly having responsibilities - I've even been thinking about applying to work at the Beehive (coffeeshop) to have some responsibilities (well, and because I've never had a non highly-skilled job and it might be nice to see what it's like to have something different..). In the long run I only need employment to last until I figure out grad school, anyhow, but maybe some contract or part-time work could go all the way through.

Apart from that part, we also talked awhile about technology developments. Something to check out - it sounds utterly ridiculous and a bit sick, but he said that Google Gears has an engine that can translate, similarly to what CFront did, Java code to Javascript. Turing-complete languages being what they are, it's of course possible, but it sounds ugly and wonderful - I'll have to snag the code (and any whitepapers I can find) to play with it. I wonder about maintaining it - Sun hasn't exactly kept the Java syntax static between versions, and if they really are going to keep the "so long as you don't use threads or swing and otherwise have the source for all the external modules you use, it will just work", they've made a big maintenance commitment (when a new Java release comes out and people start to use stuff like Autoboxing, how soon can they start supporting that?)...

I'd like to find a good academic-ish journal covering events, economics, and history covering Latin America - something similar to Middle East Journal and Far Eastern Affairs. Any recommendations?

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