Pat Gunn (dachte) wrote,
Pat Gunn

Cainis Inable

Dog was not found, despite many hours of tromping between and around Walnut Street in Shadyside and Frick Park. My feet have fallen off, leaving mere stumps that won't walk me around my apartment well. I suppose it counts as an adventure though. Things seen:

  • Plenty of other dogs and cats - whenever I heard barking I sprinted to its source, which was usually someone passing an overexcitable dog behind a fence.
  • A McDonalds house for the deaf, complete with a Ronald McDonald statue. As appropriate, lounging on some of the benches out front were some morbidly obese people. This got me thinking of truth-in-advertising giving us a really obese Ronald McDonald.
  • A fairly posh looking house in Shadyside blaring music audible from the next street over. It got me thinking - some types of music are somewhat more societally acceptable when loud, but I don't know if there's an easy pattern to figure out which those are.
  • An awesome brick house with a wooden porch built over a nice stone terrace. Somehow this was very pretty.
  • A house that looked somewhere between being malicious and abandoned for 30 years, yet still being clean and well-maintained. I should have taken a cellphone picture.
  • Ran into a former higher-up from a former job while at the Coffee Tree in Shadyside for some water, and he still dislikes me. I was kind of amused.
  • Sunburn. On me.
Bed beckons.

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