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Frequent dream that recurred a few minutes ago: My Iguanas were in my apartment, but sick because I had not fed them for quite a long time, having forgotten about them, and they had finally left their cages to better seek food. Intense guilt and distress at how ill they looked. After trying to care for all four of them, I planned to run out to Giant Eagle to get some Collard Greens but woke up beforehand, and lying there sleepy in the dark, I had to fight off the periodically recurring imperative to go get them food until I solidly reached the conclusion that I do not still have Iguanas.

Yesterday ran into a friend who's an older substitute teacher in the area, which was nice - I don't see her very often. One of many topics of conversation: how parents who care about their kids welfare in the wrong way can hurt the educational system (think: grade inflation and other impediments to classroom discipline/grading).

I've been thinking about it for the last few days - I still am bothered and disappointed that Obama decided not to take public campaign funding - while our electoral funding does have some large problems (for example, corporations are allowed to have PACs and political parties can run adverts that are theoretically not about their candidate with no limits), these funding limits help keep elections closer to being about substance than popularity. If Obama wants to push for further reform when he becomes president (which I think is fairly likely), that would be very positive, but abandoning the present (voluntary) public funding system in the meantime does more harm than good.

Possibly interesting news developments:

  • I am pleased to read that Nawaz Sharif has been disqualified from Parliament in Pakistan due to his prior convictions on corruption-related charges. Sharif and Bhutto's family have long been a source of corruption in Pakistan, and I would be happy if another good leader with a strong sense of ethics would arise to take the reigns from Musharraf (who seems unfortunately dead in the political waters)
  • Sarkozy spoke at the Knesset recently, offering France's support to Israel but not mincing words about problems in Israeli society that act as a barrier against a lasting peace.
  • Struggle over equality under the law continues in California over gay marriage, this time over a plebicite to illegalise it. I hope that, regardless of the will of the majority, the courts hold that such measures are not permitted.

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