Pat Gunn (dachte) wrote,
Pat Gunn


It would be very nice to have another place somewhere near my apartment where I could go, stay as long as I like doing programming, reading, etc, with no restrictions based on hour-of-day, either being social (interacting with people), semi-social (seeing/hearing other people but not interacting much with them), or non-social (not even seeing other people). I'm getting a bit stir-crazy in my apartment, and want better control over socialisation. The Beehive would be fantastic if it didn't take me roughly an hour and a half to get there (and likewise back).. and also if it were 24 hours. Having food and sharing in meals in said theoretical place would be nice too. Being near the edge of a well-established social network would work a lot better than being effectively "off the grid".

My life is too aptly summarised by the world "almost".

I endlessly revise notions of the ideal in my personal life - what a good relationship would look like, what things I want in a person I'd want that with, what city I'd like to live in, etc, and even though these things are more cloudlike than rigid things, it feels increasingly academic because the world is composed of real cities and real people, and negotiating comfort/happiness seems to be beyond me right now. A solid job offer at UCSB declined due to interpersonal blockers, a stream of similar things that looked good but didn't work out. Almost. Sigh. I want adventures that other, assertive and suitable people, would arrange for me and I could just attach a thumbs up or thumbs down. Ideally these adventures would still allow me to plug in my laptop so I can continue my intellectual adventures on "the other plane".

Today's "Nobody Scores" is a good reminder of the dangers of talking too much politics around some people. I hope that I don't sound too much like Caspar or Wisecracky :)


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