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Manicotta and Fugue

Daydream: start with Japanese kana pairings, shift vowel representation to positions on a musical key, and consonants to choice of instrument (mario paint?), hide all but one bar in the key, imagine a continued dialogue as the swimmy motion of these consonants flowing upwards as we fall in time (better aesthetics than written word?)... idea of multiple thoughts at once, divergences, stddaydream.h, possible to align these things with musical coherence and flow of voices? Could a good musician arrange a random sequence of notes artfully into music given control only over tempo? Is this analogous to tetris?

Curiosity/Inspiration: Playing with different forms of musical expression, hearing and possibly playing music written in different time signatures.

Sharing of USB keys with neat music on them: mix with geocaching?

Cats having discovered most of the details of how humans use restrooms is much more irritating than them understanding all or none of the details. Cats are indeed clever beasts, perhaps too clever.

Coming home from coffeeshop, had a brief intense daydream/intuition of someone else being there, planning to pour some wine and snuggle on the couch.. *slump*

Little flash of ideas that popped into my head for my largely neglected sci-fi writing thing:Europe is primarily dominated by the faction system, with moderately thin layer of continental government (remnants of what the EU was as it transitioned into the 7th International). The Full International exists as a semi-separate faction that mediates relations between socialist movements (and theoretically to other factions which consented to living under it), while the EU retains theoretical claim to represent the territories of Europe and theoretically handles matters that are geographic in nature.

Tradition, status quo, and haggling form much of the basis for interfactional matters, for three reasons:

  • The accepted authority of the EU and the Full International is questionable and were it to act with its original authority, it is suspected that large parts of each faction would not accept its authority (or wisdom)
  • Factions have acquired certain privileges and perogatives for themselves that stand outside of the charters of each of the traditional institutions, and sufficiently broad actions to accept the authority of either would either abolish these privileges or force them to be consistent in a way that no faction fully desires
  • Placing more power in either of the traditional institutions would both politicise them to a much greater extent and rely on philosophical principles of governance that have been long abandoned (e.g. democracy - made semi-obsolete by having each faction manage their populations at low but different levels) or require the establishment of new principles

Sometimes I'm weirded out when I notice that some coffeeshop people have become adept at conversing without saying anything - I've had conversations now and then where I noticed that the person I was talking with shied away from saying anything, just took everything I said and restated it in other words (the effect can be subtle if done right) or made vague handwavy statements. Tempting: dig at them just as subtly to see if they're clueless, timid, know a bit but don't know a lot and are too proud to say so, or just have odd conversational habits.

Hooray for fiction, or is there too much of it?

Meh. bitter.

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