Pat Gunn (dachte) wrote,
Pat Gunn

Ceremony at Pegasus

I just got back from seeing the "revived" ceremony (goth night), at a gay bar downtown called Pegasus. Thoughts:

  • Like most good goth clubs I've seen, Ceremony/Pegasus shows completely bizarre and awesome films on a TV somewhere. More on this below
  • The stage isn't great. There's more room than the portion of Club Laga Ceremony was at before, but it's split up with multiple levels. I've rarely seen a goth club/event that has a really good stage though, so this is only a minor minus
  • The first DJ didn't play much that was dancible. The second one did, but I was a bit tired and cold, and became distracted by said TV
  • Unlike Laga, their alcohol selection included no wine. Sigh.
  • It's kind of neat to go downtown, although this required bus (and fairly inexpensive cab on the way back).
  • Not many people were there. I think the regular Pegasus crowd (or at least people who did not feel at all goth) were there with slightly greater numbers than goth types
  • Wednesday is an odd night for clubbing. On the upside, it would never interfere with weekend travel, but on the downside, my mind isn't normally set for clubbing before at least thursday
  • Company was good.
Now, to the films, I would like to see them again sometime, with audio. If my descriptions below are enough for people to recognise one or both of them, please let me know:Film one:
  • Opened with a little doll doing things. This character eventually was replaced(?) with a blond haired little girl
  • The film kept cutting to a close-up on her mouth saying something
  • There was a lot of claymation
  • At one point in the film, there were a number of socks that came to life, with one of them having dentures and eyes, and talking to her from on top of a desk. As she fled the room, her socks flew off her feet and tried to enter some holes in the floor. She grabbed them and put them back on.
  • She grabbed wood chips off of the floor there, and found that eating bits of one wood chip made trees bigger, the other smaller
  • She later came across a dollhouse, which when she made it bigger flung plates at her. She eventually watched a ratlike creature try to deliver a letter to the inhabitant, and a pig came out, which she followed elsewhere in the house
  • It was really really creepy
  • There were foreign-looking names in the credits (which were in English)
Film two:
  • Also had lots of claymation
  • Starred a middle-aged man, who came home and while entering his apartment found a bird thing which he kicked down the stairs. It later caused some commotion on the street while creeping away
  • Made toast with ring-shaped orange things, then found that his bread had an egg inside it. When he broke the egg, day turned to night outside and a weird wind shoved things around inside his home. Two weird guys shouted at him from outside, and he found a map
  • The next day he used the map, reaching a weird slum part of town. Entering an address mentioned on the map, he stumbled through a corridor into a lonely shanty area. Some weird people were there. He tried to leave.
  • Weird puppets started to accost him in a room, although he could see a puppeteer through the ceiling. He eventually dressed as someone medieval for a play, and then reached a stage, where he took all that stuff off and ran away
  • He eventually found a book, dressed up as a monk, and found a circle in the floor with weird writing on an inscription and some nearby walls. As he read from the book and whipped the inscription, everything else around him changed, from waterwalls to the arctic to hell. Eventually some sticks came up and grew something that looked like his face. He chatted with it, and then wandered off, leaving the book. Puppets found it and did some ritual, as he climbed up some stairs.
  • The film probably went on, although we all left at this point
Umm.. I should've just googled. Someone in the group guessed that the first was a really novel presentation of Alice in Wonderland, and "alice wonderland claymation" turns up Svankmajer's "Alice" and "Faust". Anyhow, these, along with "Forbidden Zone", are things I should see soon.

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