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To get whenever I have income again:

  • Final Fantasy Tactics A2
  • Nintendo Gameboy DS to play it on
  • A new linux laptop - this one is getting physically beat up, and while not yet falling apart, probably should be retired into desktophood. The HP Pavilion XDX looks prety nice with its 20" screen... I would be reluctant to buy Intel rather than AMD, but my options are limited by my love of huge screens and keyboards.
  • Possibly a new windows laptop as well, although I am reluctant to do that as it's for a single game that is only slow because the developer chose flash (instead of something more suitable) as their implementation platform. Still, this is a game that I really like, and being able to run it more smoothly would be nice. Very occasionally I've grown readdicted to Civ3 as well, but it runs smoothly on the laptop as-is, likewise with occasional needs to use real MS Office (ugh) or Adobe Photoshoop (also ugh - I much prefer GIMP's interface)
If the "book" other OLPC device isn't ever sold directly to customers or made available through a donation programme, I'll have to see if personal ties can get me one of them.


alternatively, once you get a DS, buy an R4DS