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Today and tomorrow look to be relatively social - in the evening I hung out with Eric and Chava, seeing their adorable bunny and brought over my Wii. Tomorrow, as Debb is in town, we're going hiking at McConells Mills. Migraine hasn't died entirely, but it has largely receded, and I now have, courtesy Chava, a new theory to test - that caffeine is related. Drinking a bit less tea should be doable.

I find it bizarre and sad how much junk publication there is at the supermarket - endless magazines speculating about the personal lives of movie stars (and the personal lives of fictional characters from soap operas). I suspect they're just like twinkies for social needs (as is TV) - they give the basic appearance of human contact and a healthy social life without any of the deeper meaning. I wish our culture would reject such drivel.

Recently I've felt that it would be an awesome job to be a matchmaker between people and books.


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