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Rejuvinates versus the Youth

Idea: Take an old trashy romance novel, work through it updating all the references, language, perhaps the style, and republish it. Would it compete well with those produced today? Likewise: take the source to old games from the 80s, update their graphics and music, and re-release them - would they compete well with those produced today? Likewise with films and other media: observe that only a few genres have dynamic change possible. Cultures with a long memory, a digital memory - are the things we're making now like new platonic figures? If we had excellent recordings of music from the 1930s and before, and keep extending that span through today and tomorrow - the potential for meaningful originality is limited. Ventured opinion: the works of the last 80 years, given appropriate marketing and feeling of freshness, might last forever in the public present. In 40 years, how many more Britney Spears' (or, to raise the bar significantly higher, Madonnas) will we see, and will they be very different? Likewise, while sometimes technology changes what is possible in movies and video games, these changes are now predictable and intellectually explorable now even though the technology is not yet there.

I imagine one could very easily spend one's entire life digesting cultural creations that were made before, say, 1990, preserved perfectly in our digital age, without missing a lot. Some creations, like works in the sciences (and perhaps philosophy, at a slow rate) would be the exceptions. The potential and weight of all of this will only grow heavier...

Got to thinking about long-term competition between the old and the new while playing through Day of the Tentacle again. Any new game I might want to get had better compete well against the best games already made, including my entire NES/SNES/Genesis ROM collection and all the dos games I have... Maybe music is a bit less competitive, but there's still some there.


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