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Author's Bounty

  • "His problem is that he thinks he's an 8 and he's really closer to being a 4 or 5"
  • "Hmm"
  • "And her problem is that she's looking more for things that were missing in her childhood than a real relationship"
  • "Interesting, and him?"
  • "This one's surprisingly common - his ideals for a relationship are quite distant from where his instincts lead his relationships towards"
  • "Mmm. One would think they would learn"
  • "These things are often surprisingly difficult to learn, and even knowing them doesn't make them solvd. Here's another - she strongly values a set of traits in her significant others that arn't actually consistent with each other"
  • "So she wants a contradiction... are these actually very different than those we saw earlier - those that didn't know what they wanted or had simple traits that made them not well-suited?"
  • "Mainly that they're a little bit less obvious as potential problems - they're all things you'll need to deal with"
  • "How many more of these are there?"
  • "Plenty - we've barely started, although the point isn't to memorise or plan for all of these - you need to get a better understanding of people by thinking about these examples and what they tell you about people - there are countless ways things can go wrong"

Recently: Bizarre dreams involving Woody Allen, Grad School, and happy dreams of being settled with and married to various people I'm attracted to (and a few I'm not, which are kind of weird).

Also recently, a game I play online has been having server/database problems, and has had lengths of time where all the adventuring people did were erased by the need to recover from 2-day-old backups. As this is a fairly involved MMORPG, lots of stuff can happen in that period and having it all cleanly undone is very frustrating (very occasionally, it has positive effects too, e.g. one might find a better price on something or be able to undo a mistake). Amusement: if real life had such rollbacks. Was going to elaborate more on this, but the film Groundhog day has already done this, kind of. If we imagined everyone being aware of each reality, it'd be a rather different situation than in the game - we'd run into questions on validity of contracts made in past iterations (not provable on paper, but remembered by everyone), strangeness of two people waking up together who knew they had reason to break up (maybe sometimes they'd give things another go instead), intellectual enterprises could continue in a way, albeit absent physical aids, etc. Rollback in reality would actually be rather interesting. They're pretty fanciful though - MMORPGs are only noticable because the mind/player exists outside the server, and the environment of the server is being manipulated in drastic ways while the player's memories are not - obviously a real rollback of reality would be unnoticable as brains would be rolled back too.

Current daily life:

  • Wake up sometime between 05:00 and 14:00, do some reading, play online for a bit
  • Stare at CMU and MIT job boards, apply as appropriate, check on a few other Universities
  • Have a smallish meal somewhere
  • Either go home or sit at the 61c for a few hours
  • Take a walk somewhere if it's not too late, very occasionally go running instead
  • Go home, play on the internet and/or read
Still ridiculously lonely.. meh.

Today I said "Howdy" to try to get the attention of one of the employees at the 61c, and she said she'd help me only if I promised to never call her "Honey" again - took me awhile to figure out why she thought I said that, and I was mortified.

Getting into initially heated arguments about human races and subspecies that later turn into reasonably calm discussions about taxonomy and genetics: strangely satisfying.


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