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I wrote this for someone else who just moved into town - a friend of a friend. It's a list of places worth knowing in Pgh.


  • Mediterranean grill - Forbes Street, near Forbes/Murray intersection. It's hard to spot from the street - head towards Shady (away from CMU/Pitt) and look on your right for a doorway with stairs going down and a lit sign with the restaurant name on it. They're down those stairs. Their Sleek is excellent, as is their Hummus.
  • Pamela's - Forbes Street near Forbes/Murray. Excellent pancake breakfasts.
  • Margaret's Fine Imports - Also on Forbes Street, not far from Forbes/Murray but much closer to Shady. This is a good place to get tea, although they also have other misc imports (e.g. Belgian chocolate)
  • Sakura - Forbes Street near Forbes/Shady intersection. Good Sushi, mixed Chinese/Japanese cuisine
  • Aladdin's - Forbes near Forbes/Shady. Middle Eastern "fast food". Not very authentic, but good-tasting
  • Coffee Tree - Between Forbes/Shady and Forbes/Murray. Good coffee (or so I am told), poor tea. Not a bad place to hang out.
  • 61c - Murray Avenue, Good tea, bad coffee (or so I am told), a very popular place to hang out. They also have good granola cereal and free wireless.
  • Pinati - Murray Avenue down past Giant Eagle. Good Israeli food
  • Srees - Murray Avenue near Pinati. Very very inexpensive somewhat spicy food.
  • Kazansky - Murray Avenue near Pinati. kosher-style food (good matzohball soup, blintzes)
  • Ma Provence - Murray Avenue near Pinati. Very expensive, nice French food
  • Allegro Bakery - Near Pinati, very good breads, also good desserts
  • There are also a number of small worthwhile markets around partway down the hill. The greek one has some of the best hummus in town
  • Bruegger's - Forbes. Bagels.
  • Milky Way - Murray Avenue, Kosher Pizza place with some of the best Pizza in town
  • Dozen Copcakes - Forbes - Expensive but good cupcakes
  • India Garden - Atwood Street (looks like you're in a slum/residental neighbourhood, but there are some shops around). Good Indian food, buffets on a schedule.
  • India Garden Grocer - Right next to India Garden, this may not be it's real name. Nice indian grocer.
  • EatUnique - Craig Street, good variety in foods, not too expensive. Often crowded.
  • Veracruz - Forbes - Good light Mexican food, not really a place for a sit-down meal
  • Ali Baba - Craig Street, good Syrian food
  • Lulu's - Craig Street. Good noodles, bubble tea.
  • Kohli's - Craig Street, Indian Grocer, inexpensive samosa to go plus some boxed foods
  • Sultan's - Forbes - Good greek food, inconvenient location
  • Fuel and Fuddle - Near Craig Street, highly overrated but they have a few things that are quite good and are open late. Very popular.
  • Crepes Parisenne - Craig Street, fussy staff and weird hours but wonderful crepes
  • Bruchetta's - Carson Street, Nice light Italian food, good atmosphere, nice wine selection
  • Beehive - Carson Street, Probably the best coffeeshop in town to hang out in, excellent teas, nice snacks, bizarre atmosphere, very artsy-grunge-geek. Free wireless.
  • Vesuvio's - Carson Street, near the Beehive. Incredibly good pizza, but their pizza is very rich so eating more than a slice at a time may be a bad idea.
  • Kassab's - Carson Street, near the Beehive. Very good Lebanese food. Definitely worth a visit
  • "The Library" - Carson Street, nice dining for moderate prices, no real genre
  • Mallorca - Carson Street, expensive and very good Spanish dining
  • Le Pommier - Carson Street, expensive and very good French dining
  • Joseph-Beths - Carson Street, awesome bookstore
  • REI - near the cheesecake factory
  • It's worth noting that the southside is fairly spread out on Carson Street - the Beehive and REI, for example, are separated by a long walk.
Other places:
  • Shadyside's Walnut Street is a lot like a mall but a bit more pleasant
  • The Waterfront is a huge shopping area not far from Squirrel Hill.
  • La Foret - The best (and most expensive) French food in town. I don't remember where it is - not easy to reach

On the other side of that, as you may know I'm keeping an eye on CMU-Pittsburgh, MIT-Boston, and UTexas-Austin for interesting jobs as well as a few places in Ireland and Scotland. If anyone happens to know of any other places that meet most or all of these characteristics where I should consider looking for a job, let me know:

  • Weather is warm and rainy - I can budge here
  • University atmosphere - ideal, not necessary provided I can socialise enough in university circles. Must have a university, as I am looking for uni employment.
  • Bike/walking/PT friendly - I don't want to own a car if I can help it. Public Transit would help...
  • Near nature - It would be nice to live near the woods/ocean/mountains/lake/similar, most ideally within walking distance
  • Not too big - I can comprimise here
  • Liberal - big plus
  • Cuturally lively - plus
  • Favourable male-female ratio for me - would be a plus
  • Someone I know there - would be a considerable plus
I'm guessing tonight will be yet another evening at the 61c....

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