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Roguelike Class this semester

Poster: Made. I will pretend that the font sucks in a retro way rather than my being dumb with how I made the poster. I am presently interested in hearing from people who would like to participate. In case you don't want to read my sucky font:

This semester, if enough people are interested, there will be an unoffical class/programming project to teach roguelike game design. We will utilise Object-Oriented Perl for projects, making reference to an Angband (in C) for other ways things are done. Participants will learn some:

  • OO Perl
  • Curses
  • Code Maintenance/Refactoring
  • Version Control with Subversion
No credit is offered - this isn't even a STUCO (room will be grabbed on-campus at last minute). You do not eed to be a student. Perl wizardry is not required. I hope to find 7-20 interested people. If you're one of them, contact:

"Pat Gunn" pgunn@andrew.cmu.eduTimes/Places will be arranged considering all participants.

I'm not sure exactly how to put these up in the cluster without incurring wrath of cluster services. If anyone wants to let me know, that would be appreciated. If you find the lousiness of my poster offensive, here is the GIMP XCF - you can fix it if you like.


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