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Parenthetical Travel

Two links:

  • First, there's a game called Echochrome that looks particularly awesome - it reminds me a bit of a philosophical curiosity - would a universe where the laws of physics are very different in fundamental ways be plausible? Unfortunately, I don't have a gaming system capable of running echochrome (seems to be a sony-only game). Oh well. It's neat to see clever games like this - I am lightly inclined to categorise it with Portal.
  • University of Maryland has a Gamer Symphony Orchestra... with downloadable mp3s of their performances. They have pretty good taste in what songs they do - very little of games I haven't played (like Halo) and lots of good old stuff.

Some news/issues/etc:

  • Military trials for prisoners have begun, and the judges are disallowing some (but not all) admissions made under torture.
  • Obama's reception in Europe - he's more popular with the people than the governments
  • That weird dancing guy is at it again
  • Dental inventions might change how many of us deal with our teeth - I'm not sure about a replacement for the toothbrush though...
  • Interesting matter - a Get is a document of divorce under Halakah (Jewish law) that a husband presents his wife - on reciept, a valid get dissolves the (religious) marriage. A woman who wants a divorce, by contrast, can only sue in Rabbinical courts, and the man may refuse (leaving them in an unfortunate situation, especially if they have already divorced in civil court). Various pressure can be put on husbands to issue the get, but this is not foolproof. In an ideal world, I believe that any and all parts of marriage should be dissolvable by either party. In the actual world, there's a lot of variance in how much nations are willing to have their secular marriage laws interact with religious marriage laws. Secular courts could in theory declare the religious marriage to be ended, but the community would probably not accept that declaration as valid/binding. According to Wikipedia's page about conflicts in law on the matter, what's been done in NY State is to refuse to grant a secular divorce before the religious marriage has been dissolved. This is one of the areas where separation of church and state as a principle would not be so controversial to breach. Overlapping systems of law with similar concepts is not an easy situation in any case..

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