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Ultra-simple Veggie Halfwich recipe:Original inspiration was to make something like Bruegger's "Leonardo De Veggie", a vegetarian sanndwich I have a minor addiction to (at least, with the modificaitons I normally get, a la replace onions with sprouts and add pesto).

Take a slice of nice bread (I use a hard loaf, slicing it myself during preperation), spreadng some pesto on top. Then spread some cold leaf spinach on top of that, then a thin layer of cream cheese, then a slice of tomato. Done!

Result: a fairly tasty, quick-to-prepare meal (well, making a few of these makes a meal).

I've been feeling rather lousy recently, but when things arn't so bad I've been doing some work on my blog software.

  • Been making lots of web interfaces to configuration things so theoretical users would not have to modify stuff in the database so much.
  • Switch from HTML tables to CSS representations of the same thing (actually, abstract over so both can be used) - it looks slightly nicer
  • Better help and documentation
  • Working on turning file-in-a-database-blob from being a semi-working proof-of-concept into something people might actually use, with the aim of eventually making a webcomic-capable frontent. POUND should be an engine for people to generically express themselves
  • Lots of code cleanup
  • Dropping many more comments with FIXME and TODO into my sources, and removing a few when circumstances merit
I really need someone who's good at making pretty web interfaces out of simple HTML, and it would be nice to have some other developers who share my passion for clean, structured Perl that doesn't look like line noise.

Early next month, Rage of the Stage (a local alternative theatre group) is doing an interpretation of the Rocky Horror Show, which should be interesting (their theatre being in an old warehouse in the southside, I'll actually be able to attend without twisting arms, unlike the local RHPS).

I am toying with the idea of adding some "transforms" into my mail client to remove advertisements inside messages before I see them. On some level I'm still mystified that people use mailing lists and other community sites that stick adverts into everything, and there's something weird about the idea of a world where we accept the idea of allowing things nobody wants to see to be given a "fair shot" at reaching eyes of people in exchange for them being given a service, with the more technically sophisticated of those people then using software to hide it anyway. This kind of ties in to how we percieve Google, Yahoo, and some other sites - companies that have a primary stream of revenue doing evil while being otherwise reasonably good (use of the term evil here is lightly tongue-in-cheek). Thank goodness for greasemonkey and other things that let us avoid this stuff.

Also pondering: general issues with asymmetry in broader-term relationships.. can relationships be stable given an expectation of sustained asymmetry?

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