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Loose Lips Sink Relationships

"Start of a flood..", thick rain, sudden wind, branches flying through the air. "The coffeeshop will be open late" was announced, as nobody wanted to brave the outdoors with this. He glanced at his hands, tips yellow from smoking imaginary cigarettes, the smoke rising around him, reflected in his eyes alone. A wicked smile flashes on his face for the audience, returns to a blank look an instant later so the others don't see as they alternatively marvel and fuss with their cellphones. Somehow the rain and the company create a temporary traction that reminds him of long ago. "Perhaps this is the end of something", he thinks - moments later a low wave of water carrying cigarette butts more real than his and other depress washes across the street, less deeply across the sidewalk. A small spurt enters the doors that were never designed to come to a complete close - a feeling of closure is enough for most people. Among the others, a few are delighted, the change in schedule reviving old memories of school being cancelled due to weather - appointments cancelled, nature provides a spectacle - simultaneous blame as street rubbish is called to move again and celebration as destructive urges are given vicarious satisfaction. The one employee is not sure if he's being tortured or given relief as tonight's later unpleasant task he's given himself is delayed. "Perhaps it's more time think about it", as he figures out how many more cups to leave out and what to clean.. "What the hell, drinks are on the house", he announces, turns to go get the mop to push the water back outside and hopes the wind doesn't break the windows. The power flickered, and somewhere in the distance a car alarm started..


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