Pat Gunn (dachte) wrote,
Pat Gunn

BitTorrent fakers revealed

Everyone who does filesharing, please be careful not to let these asshats catch you, or the MPAA will cause problems for you. I may have mentioned seeing stuff that looks like this before - now we know the name of a company (Media Defender) that does this kind of thing. With a bit of prodding around, you can find other companies that do this, configs for your software to help you automatically avoid these folk, and .. a few efforts to knock these networks off of the internet. In any case, be careful, and try to read up on ways to deal with the MPAA/RIAA if they come knocking. It's unfortunate that companies like these exist, but as they do and they'll screw up y'all's life if they catch y'all sharing culture in this (natural and good) way, one should be careful.

Tags: warning

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