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Continued isolation, wild mood swings. Today was an up - got up, went out, got some wonderful bread at Allego Bakery, some Brioche to munch on (Brioche is like Croissants - incredibly easy to get wrong and very disappointing when not perfect) - theirs is quite good, and some other bread to eat Fondue with, along with other ingredients for that. I stayed at the 61c a bit playing with Povray - a longstanding desire of mine has been to remake my sigil:

in Povray (which that image was from originally, but to which I long ago lost the sources - I believe I did it in 1992 or 1993). This, just like doing any coding in Scheme or Smalltalk would be for me nowadays, basically meant relearning the language. Results so far:

There's still a lot to figure out again, but I'm open to varying the looks a bit - what used to be a 4 hour render is now a 5 minute render (turning the quality settings up), and what's possible has shifted a lot now that machines are so much more powerful. Also, a lot of things seem easier now that I'm more organised with how I arrange things (still a lot to do there). Sources to the second image available here. In a lot of ways that organisation buys me a lot of ease that I didn't have in high school, but there are a lot of tricks and details that I'll need to rediscover if I would ever hope to be as good as I once was (my sigil was an early creation). Doing a webcoming mostly in Povray would be nice if my interests ever carry me that far back into it. The animation stuff is now actually practical without prohibitively long computer time - making animated gifs is pretty easy and fast now. It was cute though to render with a lot of the quality options set very high - some of my experiments still made 45-minute render times.

Kongregate seems to glue a lot of independently-written games together into a profile/trophy system, many of the games being of good quality (for flash games). Highlights:

  • Aether - a fly-through-space-on-a-giant-octopus game
  • Portal: The Flash Version, not exactly like portal, but about as close as I could imagine in a small-2d cartoon form
  • Chronotron - A time-travelling puzzle game that got me started on the site
  • Sonny - A zombie RPG
  • Fancy Pants Adventures - A platformer that reminds me a bit of Sonic the Hedgehog

(section not shown)

The weather has again dropped out of the tolerable range, and even the warmth of midday has a hollow, temporary, grudging feel to it. Yank weather.. sigh. At least I get to wear my nice cold-weather coat...

There are a number of things I theoretically should be doing this weekend, if I feel up to facing them.

I should probably find some people for fondue tomorrow (Thursday), because making/eating it alone would be terribly depressing.


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