Pat Gunn (dachte) wrote,
Pat Gunn


initial sketches of webcomic content here. I actually have considerably more sketched, but as noted, camera+tripod is a terrible way to get content onto the web. It's also irritating to manually erase the lines on the paper (which is not in the sketch but is in the logo for that blog). I'm not entirely sure thinking about a webcomic as a blog with a funny posting method is a good idea though - it certainly is the path of least resistance and is really flexible..

Today was another lonely day with no meaningful human contact. The upstairs neighbours are throwing a large (30+ people) and loud party, meaning there's a lot of very loud conversations in what sound like at least two different languages from India layered over bass sounds and what sounds like stomping that make it through the ceiling. Some of them are also on the front porch. Lucky me.


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