Pat Gunn (dachte) wrote,
Pat Gunn

Power Strips for River Outlets

It turns out that my office is right next door to a reasonably decent scanner, so until I get a nice drawing tablet (which now sounds like a rather good idea, and apparently the very latest Linux wacom drivers support the one I was looking at), I have a reasonably simple way to put things I draw/sketch on the web. So....This is what images generally look like before cleanup (although the dark bands n this image are things one can get rid of by removing the paper from the pad before scanning)

My office is very cold and has zero cellphone reception. Upside: My (officeの) 24" LCD monitor came in. My laptop can't drive it at its native resolution, but I've been meaning to replace it in the near-term future anyhow.

Two random cool things:

  • Someone in Japan used Google Earth and his Wii controller to make a "run through Tõkyõ" thing, which is quite cool. It'd be a neat way to learn geography, although actually jogging would usually be better except during winter... Sourcecode is available - this might be quite good for nostalgia. When I get my Wii back (no rush), maybe I'll try doing this (I'm not sure if I have anything that talks bluetooth though)
  • The Plan9 Mascot is ultra creepy!
On the off chance that people want me to host comics/blogs, or draw or come up with ideas to be drawn, let me know.

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