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Last night in the middle of some exercise (jumping around on a gymlike floor), I exposed my ankle to some shear forces, making a nice loud cracking sound and summoning a lot of pain. After a few minutes of nasty pain, it mostly went away. A few hours later, same ankle inflated itself and brought back the pain, deflating only slightly overnight, so I've been hobbling around today. On the upside, I got a nifty touch LCD from the CS junk bin, and it seems to work (at least enough to show its own menus - I need to look into the appropriate display settings to get X11 to talk to it). New toys, my slowly growing webcomic (3 entries up so far), and slowly wrapping my head around a large-ish undocumented codebase at work keep me largely distracted from my empty personal life. In some ways, these would be good side dishes if there were a main part of the meal.. There's not really enough personal content left here anymore for me to want to be here.. although the same holds true everywhere else too..

I'm kicking myself for missing Gothcoming this year - it's tomorrow. Also, in a few minutes the vice presidental debates will start - to the extent they're about content, Biden will almost certainly do better, although of course Palin wasn't picked for content (based on body language when they've been together, I think McCain both regrets choosing her and doesn't have a lot of respect for her) - she's there as a direct identification-based play for the large suburban population of the United States. If she doesn't do well in the debates (entirely unsurprising), it won't matter because it will reflect her feeling more like "one of the people" than an experienced politician like Biden - she's supposed to look like the no-nonsense outsider who'll come in to save the nation and clear the nonsense (so, for that matter, are both McCain and Obama).

Palin is entirely unimpressive as a political figure.. fortunately, we roughly know what we'd get from McCain based on his record - on the chance McCain/Palin win, we'd need to hope that McCain enjoys good health during his tenure. Given that "change" is so much a part of everyone's message in this election, I'm curious how much we really might see from each candidate, and what kinds. We might look at McCain and Obama's platforms for some sketches of their ideas (and there are some interesting differences), but as Clinton (and BushJr) showed us, things in a platform statement are not a safe bet as an actual priority after the election.

As always, anyone telling you both major parties are the same with no substantial differences is either trying to be "edgy", looking for a way to look cool to everyone (cynicism is the new black), or hopelessly naïve. Does either platform look more "change-ish" than other major-party platforms in the past? Not really. The complex struggle between overlapping, multilayered philosophies embodied by (even given the taint from systematic and individual corruption present in each) the Democratic and Republican parties continue their struggle in our society.

Wean Hall often smells like hobos, sometimes long after the source has moved on. It's probably a bad thing that very few CSFolk are willing to tell stinky people to take a bath. In the years I was in Baker hall (with all the Humanities there), I didn't find a single example of this thing I encounter most days in Wean.


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