Pat Gunn (dachte) wrote,
Pat Gunn

Droughts and Floods

Awesome things:

  • Disgaea DS - The second game I got for the DS, the first being Final Fantasy Tactics A2. Disgaea has a clunkier interface, but is a much better game. It looks to be a lot more complex than FFTA (interesting complexity in games is a good thing, I think - I was sad that Civ4 is so much simpler than its predecessors, because micromanaging a large empire is awesome. When I'm in the mood for civ-style games, SMAC and Civ3-with-scenario-kits-that-make-it-much-more-complex-and-awesome are my kind of thing). I also like the sense of humour infusing almost every aspect of the game, from snide descriptions of gear in shops to the character interactions - an example is when one meets am ambitious enemy lord in the game, after he introduces himself and talks about how great he is, the lead character calls him irrelevant and says "your new name is mid-boss", after which his name placard shows up as that.
  • Nightmare Revisited - apart from Marilyn Manson and maybe Sparklehorse, a bunch of really great musicians reinterpret the music from the Nightmare Before Christmas. I'm not sure if I like Amy Lee (Evanescence) or Fiona Apple's version of Sally's Song (from the deluxe Nightmare DVD set) better, both are very pretty.
  • Ankle is healing - I can now walk long distances without too much discomfort, although stairs still take special effort.
  • Implementing a reasonably sophisticated scoring/whitelisting system in my email client means I see a lot less spam. I really should get around to syncing it with the (now fairly old) snapshot on sourcefnord sometime
  • A spaceheater for my office will arrive soon
  • If I decide to learn Parsi, the Persian girl I sometimes see at the 61c café is willing, time permitting, to help me with pronunciation.

Not-so-awesome things:

  • My webcomic appears to be a failure - no interest. Oh well. Maybe I'll continue with it for awhile longer, although webcomics are more of a do-for-other-people thing than blogs, and certainly take more effort.
  • Wean Hall was on fire(?), and it has a "fire alarm" almost as irritating as the endless repitititititions of "watch your step" on airport escalators - a spoken message telling people there's a reported fire and to leave without using the elevators. In normal buildings, one would be able to tell if there's a real fire by smelling the air, but Wean hall generally smells pretty bad.
  • The HP Pavilion HDX9000-series (the 20" laptops I've had my eye on) are not available due to component supply issues (or so I hear).
  • Still no improvements in mood
  • Dark and cold continue to grow
  • Migraines


  • Dirk Gently's Holistic Detective Agency - Rereading it, I think the problem with it is pacing. It's not as packed with humour as the Hitchhiker's series, and is as character-centric as that series but without as much fawning over the characters or general life-quips - with tighter editing or more content it probably would've been better recieved.
  • Rewatching the VP debates (which apparently topped the TV charts) and the SNL parody of them, I'm reminded of the famous Tom Lehrer quote suggesting political satire became obsolete when the Nobel Peace Price was awarded to Henry Kissinger - stepping out of the meta-analysis that makes me see other viewpoints, Palin is self-parodying to the extent that mocking her feels redundant. When I was hearing the debates over radio in the 61c, hearing the entire teahouse giggle at some of her statements was kind of bizarre, even as I was among the gigglers. Who would've thought that a Vice Presidental debate could possibly make such a big cultural impact?

I've been thinking a bit about the little details and habits and preferences that make up one's everyday life that would be a barrier to someone impersonating someone else successfully. I had a good example of this earlier, but it's hard to keep a reference to these things in one's mind - habits become a carrier wave and out-of-band to our everyday thought. Something like "would not wear/own sleeveless shirts" isn't exactly the kind of thing I'm thinking of (that's more of a conscious aesthetic/identity thing for me), more the sort of thing that one only notices in a moment of attention to worldly things that says "hey, what am I doing here, and do others do it too?"


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