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Distracted by Ghost Rowboats

From the not-very-interesting-department:

I've been befuddled all of today - thick mental fog. A lot of things I think of try to pull me into remembering a dream I had at least a month ago, promising with every fuzzy association to something real but obscured that I am very near to grabbing a chunk of it out of the æther and into proper memory. Whenever I do manage to grab a chunk, it seems to be a chunk of nonsense that makes my thinking loopy for a bit until my regular "does-this-make-sense" mental cron job sends a SIGHUP to that line of thought and sweeps it out of sight (the same cron job that generally pulls me out of semi-nap when I'm in a meeting that's too long, and largely similar unhinged processes of thought). This persistant being-reminded-of-a-dream pulling me back the other way is very jarring. These kinds of thoughts also screw with my memory - I can't remember very much of what I did today, if I ate lunch, etc.

I think this might've happened to me once or twice before, also connected with odd dreams. Upside: at least the migraine that's been with me for the last few days is gone.

If I do stick with the webcomic, I'm not sure whether I should spend more time having the main character explore their Brain-suggests-gender-undefined-ness was part of dream, also some sense of task? vague impression of the shape of a concept with very vague, weird associations tied to it and heavy synæsthesia condition and apparent world or talk more about the human condition and specific things in it. Brainstorming yay more links into mental "bad sectors" at the 61c was pretty good today when I could keep my thoughts straight. I am slowly scratching deeper into the surface of GIMP's functionality. Intelligent scissors are feisty beasts (and really frustrating at times), but good for controlling bucket fills.

Tomorrow will hopefully be a better day.