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Memory of artistic motions in Karate yields imagination of future society where gi-plus-sandals is a common garb yields musings on future clothing in imagination and science-fiction.


  • There will be pockets to carry things, because using tools is in our blood and we won't be implanting everything into our bodies (even if we implant some things). Provided we remain physically mobile, that is - if we spend all our time in VR, this may not hold (VR fashion will probaly follow RL fashion reasonably closely while both exist)
  • Some type of larger-and-often-empty bag will be normal, but it won't take a hand because it shouldn't be a bother (backpack?)
  • Protective footwear will at least be present, if not always worn
  • Comfort in all positions will be considered very important, as will weight, space against the body, thermal/breathing properties, durability, and stain-resistance
  • People should not be tempted to take off some of their stuff to do something spontaneous (like run, dance, etc)
  • Materials science will help a bit
  • There will be variety so people can feel that they're expressing themselves in their clothing
  • There won't be much in the way of general human hierarchy (even if people sometimes take roles that require different authority/decisionmaking) - people will continue not to have nobility/rank/etc in everyday society
  • The clothing should look good on people of varying ethnicities and body types (although hopefully some of the less pleasant variations in body shape and disfigurements will be nonexistant)
  • Everyone will wear groucho marx noses ... well, no, maybe not
Karate gis plus backpack and some kind of suitable footwear (sandals would probably not do for running/dancing) might do. What other kinds of outfit might?

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