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Pat Gunn

Swaying Roots and Swaying Branches

Sleepovers: I remember particularly liking, as a child, staying over at a friend's house for the evening. It seems that ever since I've made my own living arrangements (beginning of university, ages ago), I've almost never done such things except when visiting people in other cities (and even then, it's generally one person in a city that I'll stay with) Why do we do this? We no longer need permission from someone else to do sleepovers, but now when we theoretically should be able to do it whenever we like, we largely don't do it at all (I am assuming that others are the same way and I'm not just analysing myself here), and when it does happen it's generally an accident (too much wine, etc). Pretty much any good friend in my childhood was someone I joined in a sleepover at least a few times, while nowadays, .... Of course, I have far fewer friends than I did when younger..


  • When we have a housing arrangement, we feel a need to "hold down the fort" there - children don't feel this because they're not as vested in/responsible for that "duty to reign"
  • Maintenance/duties towards our present residence - pets, etc - not particularly convincing
  • Job and other ossification of life structure - it's no big deal for kids to wear the same clothing for two days and be rumpled, and they don't tend to plan their days as much, while adults have less flexible life strucutres
  • Friendships made later in life tend to be less genuine (based on a deep liking for another person's whole eing) and more activity-driven - seems kind of likely.
  • Fear of intimacy and complication - really young kids don't have the sexual tensions that develop in puberty, and after that they're still not as hit by the consequences of unrequited attraction or flings as adults. Sleepovers may begin to look like a bad idea given the way intimacy is managed in our society
  • Hygiene gets more complicated (and some people fail in it) - the array of medicines and personal care we all accumulate gets more inconvenient to schlepp around with us, and it gets increasingly awkward to point out to people who have terrible failings in that area (when I'm around a smelly person, I almost immediately begin to look forward to getting away from them)
  • Our life structure to deal with structure/variation and social/nonsocial needs becomes increasingly fine-tuned and sleepovers would interfere with that
The idea came up on my way to the Beehive (Where I am now)
  • いち - it would be nice to have another home on the southside which I could sometimes sleep at. I wonder if I had multiple such places in town, where I'd stay most nights
  • に - That would be wasteful
  • さん - Perhaps if I had friends all over town and social norms were such that people would regularly have friends stay over
  • し - What a different world that might be - Nomads with a house

I am beginning to suspect that the Beehive's 「Golden Nepal」 tea is not in fact a golden nepal - the taste is nothing like any Golden Nepal I've had anywhere else (it is exceedingly pleasant though, which is why I'm trying to convince the local tea/imports store owner to come down here, try it, and consider stocking it).

"Translucent" web proxies are really irritating.

I am thinking about setting up PPP-over-SSH for a project at work to provide consistent bidirectional networking across NAT - anyone have any experience with it or have any other ideas? The network would need to reconnect automagically after any breaks and update a SQL database with current IPs, and occasionally would see large file transfers but more often light ssh traffic. My past experience with this suggests it to be a mediocre solution.


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