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It seems that a lot of computer projects/services get called Homenet - at OSU, it was the dialup service (ResNet being the ethernet in the dorms). I finally have a work environment set up (earlier today) at home for developing stuff for work. The boxes are shuttles - little rectangles that remind me of Pugs (dog breed). They're less awesomely small than a MacMini, but still pretty small. Pics:

Yes, that is the little screen I got from the junk bin...

I'm slowly starting to use Firefox3's new features like search keywords (paired with the Add-To-Search-Bar extension, it's awesome - after some light set-up I can say "pirate artistname" in the urlbar and get piratebay's search results, and likewise, I can say "how_to_reach someplace" and have google maps give me bus directions there. I'm still getting started on using bookmark keywords. For how awesome this functionality is, it's not even close to intuitive enough.