Pat Gunn (dachte) wrote,
Pat Gunn

Sic Transhumanism Gloria

Returning to all the interesting quirkiness of the mind I learned about in the [psych classes I took years ago, I'm wondering if one could build devices that would "correct" or "build humility" into the systems for each of them. For some of these (like memory), this would be more difficult for a number of reasons (memory being more internal and harder to mechanically manipulate than vision, and without the invisible reconstruction/fabrication, can we be said to have memory at all?), but it might be interesting to see what could be done for others (attentional preferences, for example, might be "trained away" or at least "corrected for" by making events "sparkle" or "brighter"?). It's possible that doing this systematically may make people less intelligent - maybe a lot of the "quirks"/"hacks" in our system are necessary to help us focus? Then again, being presumably outside the Environment of Evolutionary Adaptedness (this world and sets of societies we've made), being better adapted for today's need may suggest such things.

This is an interesting issue for deep transhumanism - what kind of world do we envision for the future, and if we're not sure on that, what kinds of things should we focus on improving and what should we sacrifice as we begin to approach the pareto-surface of human potential? Would we want more memory? A different perception of time? More ability to focus? Memory systems with multiple input queues? Better modeling/simulation capabilities? etc..


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