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Cost of a Meal

Skirting a potentially interesting rambly post about the effect of manipulating perceptions of value on economics, sometime over the last few years, I've acquired the notion that a good, healthy eating-out meal should cost about $6. $10 feels like an expensive meal, and anything much above that is a rare event that really should be good and is only worth doing with other people. I don't know if this is being frugal (I don't budget my finances because I consume less enough than my means that it's never necessary), but if it is that's not a big mental part of it - I don't think my dietary habits would change much if I were very rich. Maybe it's based on my idea of modest living.


  • How much feels reasonable for a meal for you?
  • Would that change much if you had more wealth at your disposal?
  • Where does this perception of reasonability come from?
  • Do you have any dietary restrictions (chosen or biological) that shape this?
I've been having random dizzy spells and nausea again - not particularly pleasant. I'm looking forward to playing with my tablet this weekend (provided I get the project at work done with enough time to spare) - I've determined that drawing comic-style art and more light-centric drawing are different modalities, mentally speaking, and I might suck less at the second than the first. I'm not sure if the problem is one of visualisation of what's being drawn, the flattening of it down into two dimensions, the mechanical motion of transferring that onto the paper, or something else - a lot of people like myself can visualise a face but can't draw it comic-style. Does light-centric drawing work differently? I can't remember the word I'm looking for, but was once told that very good comic folk generally get the advice, when they start moving towards "real" art, that they're thinking of borders the wrong way, and they should focus more on light and shadow - borders are more things you erase or cover up as you move from sketch to painting.

I could imagine a number of interesting MRI-based experiments I'd love to flesh out and do on art, although funding would be difficult to acquire and I don't have the right kind of degree (in either magnitude or angle) to be a PI on that kind of thing.


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