Pat Gunn (dachte) wrote,
Pat Gunn

Disciples of Chiron

Someone I used to know in Columbus had a poem of his published in a most unusual venue. When I knew him, he wasn't married and didn't yet have a daughter..

I spent most of today trying to sleep off a migraine, and the rest playing with the drawing tablet at the 61c. I've made some progress at trying to draw humans more accurately - still need a lot of work both on quality and speed (next monday's webcomic borrows components from it and one of my favourite photos).

When I got home, I watched Lars von Trier's 「Direktøren for det hele」 - it was very different and quite good. He tosses his main character way in over his head, and .. it reminded me a bit of 「Le Dîner de cons」 - another tables-turned farce.


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