Pat Gunn (dachte) wrote,
Pat Gunn

Hostess Humani Generis

Two thoughts:

  • I really like the way Devotchka's music meanders between English and Spanish. Fluidity of language is something I find very pretty. I've noticed this a lot more from Latin-American music (from hip-hop to many other genres) than from the "old world" sound Devotchka's going for, and a lot of Klezmer music does this too.
  • There's a tension in projects that use a database between abstracting away the database and using the database well that's really unfortunate - unlike a lot of other code where its performance/elegance can be all over the map, it seems my code is only elegant from a database POV when I refactor it - I seem to always start with database primitives that are too low-level and use them as building blocks (meaning single-table selects that often select all the tuples that match a criterion rather than multitable selects/joins). I wonder if this coding-and-later-refactoring is inevitable if I want to keep pushing my SQL at least one level down from my program logic. I imagine this problem is fairly common, especially given that a lot of people are quite ignorant of databases (and programming) and do both anyhow (probably practically all PHP/MySQL folk).

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