Pat Gunn (dachte) wrote,
Pat Gunn

Class Supplemental

I should note that I only have 2.5 people who have given me a yes for the roguelike class I'd like to teach this semester. I want at least 7-8 people (more ideally, 12+) if I'm going to make it happen. I'll leave more flyers in the cluster, and will hopefully know for sure by next saturday (meaning I'll start a week later than classes in general will). Interested parties should leave a note here.

Today is devoted to cleaning. Hand-washing of laundry is surprisingly soothing, and I got rid of some tea stains on the carpet that I was worried would be permanent. With luck, I won't need to drop another thousand to clean this carpet when I move out of here (fingers crossed). Also soothing has been the recent pleasure of falling asleep to rain. Something about that is deeply calming to me. I wish I lived somewhere with perpetual warm rain. Even cold rain sounds nice though.


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