Pat Gunn (dachte) wrote,
Pat Gunn

Boring 2008 Triplog Last

I am tired of generic hotel-style food and bad networking. The packaged lunches and endless pastries are pretty good for that kind of food, but that food is making me feel pretty ill. Also, bad networking seemms to be part of everywhere here:

  • Hotel is fortunately not clever enough to use a transparent web proxy (very very common nowadays), but unfortunately hands out a bad nameserver before the 2 good ones. editing it out of resolv.conf and then "chattr +i /etc/resolv.conf" to keep dhclient from ovecrwriting it every 5 minutes is irritating
  • HP Corporate HQ doesn't allow ntp queries, but allows everything else. This is an issue for my dead CMOS battery
  • HP Labs has a network in the floors of its conference rooms that allows outgoing ssh but nothing else, meaning I get to use ssh as a socks proxy.

Hooray for people who take a microphone and rant, starting about the russian business network and when responded to begin to expand things to bioterrorism. Sigh. Every conference has its kooks, I guess. At least none of them got to run talks here :)

Misc observations:

  • Fewer than 5 percent of the attendees are female
  • Because they seem to insist on trying to feed me kosher food, I was eating the bits that were vegetarian, supplementing them with the general tables of food that are also vegetarian, until I noticed a fairly sizable amount of mold on some grapes that I previously noticed had an odd taste. Yuck.
  • Thinking about it, I really like that hotel - apart from homestead-style hotels it's among my favourite hotels in the United States - not too big, door direct to the outside, a nice mix of carpet and stonelike floors, delicious apples, a nice couch, and reasonable desk space.
  • It's weird having a laptop that is not packed with cat hair - I absentmindedly run index cards and similar through the keys when thinking, and fish out huge gobs whenever I do that, but I think the reserves are all plumbed out right now. At the same time, said laptop is having increasing hardware difficulties, perhaps because of lack of said cat hair. Most laptops run on magic smoke, but mine apparently went felitarian.
  • Again my warm-fuzzy response to people with German or British accents is engaged.
  • Every project uses wikis heavily

I have a red-eye pair of flights tonight. I'm not sure if I'll want to go to work tomorrow or not - it'd be the easiest thing in the world to hop off the 28X and go to my office rather than take the next bus to go home and unload..

Tiny nods have been made to the political season by a number of people, and a lot of people are reading and writing blogs on the topic - a few disgruntled conservatives, many cautious liberals... It's interesting how this dog and pony show is cyclicly inserted/removed into our culture - for a few months it is not taboo to discuss politics, and then it fades back into the background.


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