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All Hallow's Hollowness

It's sometimes hard watching everyone else being happy when one is really not....

Halloween.. I've thought of a costume if I were going to go to a gathering of people I know - given that there does not seem to be such a gathering, I would be a man with a tophat, which is a normal hat onto which would be affixed a nice printout from an xterm running "top". If I felt that wasn't quite punny enough, I'd wear some kind of demon tail stuck through a piece of paper marked "file".

Also, halloween amuses me in that it it's one of the times of the year when one can't tell the difference between ugly people and people trying to be ugly. Society usually provides a ready supply of the former - the latter are rare outside of this holiday.

I ran into Yanna (the one I know) at the TGIF CS gathering today - I haven't seen her for ages - hearing her give discouraging encouragement to various people (including me) was kind of amusing. Some painful topics were touched on - hopefully not too much of it showed on my face. At least mild alcohol plus extreme tiredness seemed to be a good combination.


there is another Yanna? shocking!
Yup - this one's German/Polish and a grad student about to get her PhD at the ISRI (in the CS department).

Still weird that I've never met you - I guess you were busy during carnival..
yeah, sorry - I kept getting swept away by the tides of people!
No worries - seems like that was the case for most people.
Jana not Yanna.
ah, one of those. Yay, I am still a unique snowflake!