Pat Gunn (dachte) wrote,
Pat Gunn

The Names We Take On

I find it incredibly irritating when people can't manage to talk about divisive topics without reverting to a mental age of 12. A difference between friends and SOs is that it's pretty tacky to try to tell friends how to be - they're more of a take-me-or-leave-me type of thing. It's also not cool to return the rudeness. When people are rude enough though, it's not fun fighting the urge to just leave, or alternatively being pissed for a fair time after that. Sigh.

It's amusing that almost every unused storefront in SqHill has been rented by the Obama campaign - I wonder if they've taken into account that some slices of liberals take individualism to the point where they (irrationally to the extent that it goes against their clear interests) will be inclined to jump off of a bandwagon that's oversold. A variant on that is perhaps noble (not being inclined to jump on a bandwagon one doesn't believe in/know enough about for the sake of being there with everyone else), but maybe overselling is risky. Or perhaps not - maybe people who are like that are not common enough to be worth worrying about. McCain supporters are fairly rare in town (as far as I can tell, only a handful of the Frummers in SqHill and very few others are visibly for him here, by the house signs).

In the literature particularly targeting SqHill, there's some mention of his support for Israel as a Jewish state - I sometimes wonder how many people think about whether they're implying this situation as a general maxim (e.g. all "races" merit a national homeland with laws, immigration policy, and similar all designed to be to some degree strongly for the maximal good of that "race") or that Israel in particular merits that status for various historical and/or religious reasons. I admit that this does fudge a "it is slightly more complicated" type of situation to the extent that race and "being jewish by Halakah" are not quite a perfect match, but I would expect more people (at least those capable of political nuance) would be bothered by one or both of those implications, and would at least strongly prefer (supporting/proposing reform of) Israel (as/towards) a secular/western "open society" to the extent that that's possible in its environs. Put most bluntly, the idea of national/ethnic homelands is one we should be incredibly wary of in its stronger forms (this is meant to be applied broadly, not just specifically to the middle east).

Saw someone who looked a bit like Lizza at the 61c today, heart skipped a beat and made my mood much worse... which reminds me of when I was in my hotel room in SF last week and nearly fell over from shock when I saw myself in an unexpected mirror while I was not very clothed. There's something interestingly involved in those first fractions of a second of seeing another person - a "HEY! MENTAL ADJUSTMENT!" type of feeling that's interesting to try to capture the flavour of.

I'm a bit weirded out that I've found a bug in ATI drivers for Xorg that results in artifacts that can be captured with xwd (and other screen-capture programs). Hardware acceleration is sometimes weird.

I got a good chuckle out of this. I'm also amused (mostly unrelated) that if one can still think with a black hat on, eventually one's good ideas for what one would do if one were actually a spammer or otherwise malicious will be figured out and applied by actual spammers, completely independently. Convergence in action...

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