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Noticed that this election appears to be going rather well for Obama, ran across the street to the about-to-close state liquor store for some champagne, they said it was a very busy night. It's now waiting for the 270 as the BBCNews website keeps refreshing itself.

I recently read that Joe Lieberman (who is still with McCain as things finish unfolding) was McCain's first choice for VP, but chose not to accept because it would likely alienate too much of the Republican party. I wonder if that gamble would've worked out differently than Palin (who maybe makes a bit more sense as a last minute candidate who had to break the mould).

In other news, Ahmadinejad took a rather nasty political blow today when parliament fired his interior minister over having falsely claimed to have a law degree from Oxford, compounded by attempts to bribe away the impeachment trial. Combined with his health problems but also unfortunately with reformist opponent Khatami's disinterest in standing for the coming Iranian presidential elections leaves Iran's future presidency a big wildcard.

A sufficiently bad defeat will hopefully put an end to Palin's political career, which is good given that she's expressed strong interest in a direct run for president in 4 years.

Lest we get too cheery on these turns of events, we should recall what Taliban-esque groups continue to do to people across the globe. These things should be seen as a shame on all of humanity.

Oh, oops, with projections of Obama taking the entire west coast, it looks like the election is practically over. I'm sure there are plenty of people at election parties celebrating right now. I hear happy cries outside. This looks like a landslide win. (update: McCain has conceded)

One guy who's been pulling the strings deserves particular credit - Howard Dean has been instrumental in getting Obama the nomination and building the party to the point where things could be won this definitively (see the house races and other political gains the Dems have made for easier evidence). Dean's support was probably more important than Biden's or Powell's.

And now all this talk of politics will slowly fade back into the American background, I think.


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