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Today I finally have the doctor's appointment to find out if my ankle is actually some high-functioning form of broken. One of the things I realise would be pretty unpleasant about being a doctor would be dealing with patients who don't wash enough or are otherwise hygiene-lacking (dentists get some of this too). I imagine few Japanese doctors leave Japan for that reason - the cultural scales for expected cleanliness/scent-free-ness placing Japanese near the top, then presumably Brits and Americans, then continental Europeans, and so on downwards (I'm fairly sure India is low on the list). Heat, population density, and general distribution of wealth in society have probably shaped this trait - it may be "noise" on some scale, but possibly quite interesting noise. In any case, I expect to be chided for my doctor for stubbornly waiting so long to see of my ankle gets better. It seems that a fair number of people I know are similarly stubborn - is it more a dislike of the trouble to set up appointments or some kind of value in having the body repair itself without outside help/monitoring? I guess one way to think about it is to ask oneself if one had a friend or family member one hung out with often who was a general practitioner doctor, would one have them take a look at it informally?

I really hope that they don't need to "re-break" it so it will heal correctly. If it is broken though, this'll be the first time in my life I've broken a bone, despite all I've done. Apart from migraines and my heart condition, I've been lucky to have a bizarrely healthy body....

I'm not sure if it's just selective attention or not, but it seems that people are generally more friendly (and interested in talking to people they don't know) since the election. Maybe it's that people have something in common to talk about for now, or maybe there's something to that hope thing.

I sometimes wonder why cats tilt their head so much when interacting with people (as well as why people do it - generally it looks cute or at least interesting when not overdone (television news reporters have the most irritating body language/mannerisms imaginable)). Body language is fascinating..

The slow descent into cold weather and no daylight is very unpleasant...


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