Pat Gunn (dachte) wrote,
Pat Gunn


It strikes me that efforts for societal change, looking specifically at the side that has to happen in the gut-feeling and minds of people, frequently are both generational and manage to enter people's minds without completely replacing their gut-feeling. With such a disparity, we might imagine them to compensate by establishing an idea of "inner heresy" against parts of themself "not on board yet", and presumably passing their intellectual rather than gut-feeling feelings to the next generation. To the extent they're unaware of this feeling, it's a complexity in them - to the extent they're aware, it's a sacrifice. This sacrifice has probably happened countless times across countless generations - people who were "in their gut" racist, sexist, and similar, who nontheless "in their mind" felt such feelings were shameful, and were careful enough to limit how much (if at all) they passed it on to their children. This is more of a sacrifice, I think, than just not sustaining it in social discourse, given how much people want to share their perspective with their kids.


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