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Current peeve - electric heaters that magically detect when to turn off (either for you-have-reached-the-heat-you-wanted or safety reasons) and deprive me of life support for a minute. I especially dislike that the giant heater near my bed needs to be unplugged for a bit to calm down. Also, dislike that my hands become unusable after walking outside unless heavily bundled. I hate seasons. Apart from snowboarding (for which I haven't found people to go with (this is a particularly awesome parenthetical clause .. well, not this, but one-up-on-the-stack)), I hate times when it is not summer here.

My office doorplate sign has jumped from version 1.3 to 2.5 this morning. Changelog:1.x suffered a substantial misdesign because I believed that the doorplate was open on both sides. It was clumsily usable anyhow, but was a pain.

  • 2.0: First go at new door sign. This go does not have any paper removed from
the sign part, just slits cut - this should increase friction and make it easier to manage
  • 2.1: Redo sliding statusbar - didn't space statuses very well
  • 2.3: Narrow status indicator so only one status is visible at once
  • 2.4: Make another slot so pull areas don't get lost requiring disassembly of sign to retrieve
  • 2.5: Make another slot so non-current status is not visible on the pull areas

I'm going to leave it there for now - I have the basic design right this time, and know that for 3.x, I need to focus on the spacing so that:

  • The pull part does not get lost for either part of the status strip (making the strip substantially longer will help with this)
  • The status strip's statuses need to be spaced so two statuses are never visible at the same time, and also that all non-current statuses are hidden behind the sign and not out on the pull area (making the status display area narrower will help)
  • Friction/size are tuned so as to not make it too difficult to pull the strip in either direction, but also that it is not too loose
Any CMUFolk that are bizarrely interested in these things should take the Wean elevators to the 3rd floor - I am one of the offices right in front of them.

The campus newspaper is actually interesting - CMU (along with several other universities) is sending folk to Iran as the first start of reopening academic ties since their revolution. If this is successful, it'll hopefully slowly start to rebuild bidirectional cultural goodwill between the nations (and anything that helps strengthen academic culture is a good thing, I believe - Iran has and had avery strong academic tradition - reconnecting it to the rest of the world may be challenging, but given how strong a role universities play in politics there, certainly may be worthwhile.

Will universities ever play a substantial role in politics in the United States again? Also, will we ever manage to persuade/boot ROTC off campuses?


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