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Today was an ok day.
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But I got to think a little bit about brains thanks to a talk... which got me thinking further that it would not be so hard to try to do analyses of appropriate existing studies (rather than new studies) for the effect they're seeking - some of my old studies could be relevant. Unfortunately, the talk study wasn't analysed in a way I could recognise as "good", but it was good half-background for half-daydreaming. I realise too that I no longer remember which of the people I know in real life I've scanned. Brains and imaging are a nice topic for thought... mmmm....

After some difficulties at work and a fair amount of social failure, I find myself at the 61c café, where I had a surprising 3 hour conversation about philosophy with someone I haven't met. Somehow I've missed out on hearing that Samuel Taylor Coleridge was a prolific philosopher. Unfortunately, most of his work went unpublished and was only discovered semi-recently, and the people who are doing so are schmucks enough to copyright it. Conversation was rather pleasant - there are not too many people with whom I've had the pleasure of long conversations in philosophy, and this guy was particularly broadly read - we exchanged recommendations on things we'd read that the other had not that would probably be worthwhile. I learned that I am pretty rusty on Kant - I didn't take him seriously enough when I read him.

Somehow, almost all music sounds much better played at 120% speed (but pitch-corrected back to normal). mplayer has a wonderful audio-filter called "scaletempo" that does this. It makes a better scriptlet setting than a general default - otherwise it ruins the awesome "use brackets to shift the speed to try to keep the main voice of a song playing the same note over and over again" game.

Yahoo Answers makes an interesting "hobby" - it's a great way to put to use all the bits of information I've learned about the world over the years... the problem is that a lot of the questions are not really questions - they're rants, and the asker gets to choose the best answer (you can guess what often happens!). Oh well.

I recently got a 64G USBKey, which is pretty nice - it makes me feel a bit safer having a backup of the most important parts of my HD on a device smaller than most of my toes.

P.S. Objects like this are terrifyingly large.


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