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Sigh. I continue to only manage to enjoy life when both a migraine masks my depression and when I go against very strong instincts when it comes to social interaction.

I am weirded out to find myself frequenting youtube, and having a fairly large subscription list. Maybe that's the eqivalent of watching television? Maybe if TV had evolved to the point where I could choose from an incredible variety of channels and get right to what I'd want to see, I would not have given it up. I wonder if the slow demise of television is an example of a market failure - how would it change things if youtube (and similar sites) literally replaced television, and classic TV went away? Would we really lose much? What if Yahoo started hosting other flash content? Part of the success of Wikipedia is that it hosts a lot of content - it is a failure as an educational tool (and it probably should never recieve grants or tax breaks for being educational in countries that do that kind of thing), but when it comes to hosting a lot of content, it's great. If Youtube wanted to, they could probably steal the crown from Kongregate without too much difficulty (maybe newgrounds too?). I wonder what it would take for Youtube to become Howard SternThe King of All Media.. Is Youtube/Google waiting for this to fall into its lap, or is it actively working on it?

Political/philosophical exercise: Familiarise yourself with another country or point in the past (or both) where there a number of struggles going on relevant to your political persuasion, but there is no group/faction/person representing your particular interests. Imagine both how you would begin to advocate your perspective if you initially were the only one to hold it, imagine which existing factions you could support if you could not bring your philosophy into being, and imagine which existing factions you might ally with to gain followers of your own and/or serve your interests. Then realise that this is practically always the case - defining myths aside, there never were "good old days" where one's values reigned supreme, no matter what one's values are. The struggle over values described is practically always in the now for anyone thinking deeply enough. Projecting one-dimensionality "me-ness" onto the past is bizarrely common.

Lightly horrible or offensive things:As an aside and unrelated to all the things above, I find it particularly bizarre and hilarious when people make really big use of monarchial language in religion. "Societies of Christ the King", etc. By logical extension, should not militaries of such a group "Hail to Admiral Jesus"? Pay taxes to "Chief Tax Collector Yeshua ben Yosef"? Christian Theology is a bit of a mess compared to most other theologies, and I don't believe in gods, but when people get so excited about a concept (in this case, the "mind-blowing awesomeness of our deity"), the ecstatic bestowing of titles makes it very hard not to chuckle - it goes from being something I think is incorrect and not-very-well-thought-out to being something I have trouble not giggling over. Roman Catholics are particularly adept at making endless streams of "Society of Chief Dog-catcher and Master Baker and Grandmaster Shoemaker our Lord the Imperial Grand-Lord Astronomer Jesus" groups.

Also, Isvaffel's recent review of DOOM for SNES reminds me of how hilarious it was to walk around punching barrels in that game. I think this is the same joy there was in all those realistic snowboarding games sending one's character off of horrible cliffs to hear their horrible screams on the way down. Schadenfreude..

Best Things in Programming Languages

People in business suits wearing witch's hats: Awesome

The SheevaPlug continues to be an interesting toy. I wonder if pure-USB display devices like this or this would work with it. Unrelated, I would love to have a very small handheld VGA/DVI display for machine room maintenance. I've never seen affordable devices that meet that bill, and I expect it'd be very handy for debugging - in theory, someone might attach an 8" or smaller VGA LCD to a tiny keyboard, call it a portable terminal, get the price way down, and make a lot of systems people happy.

I think we might be able to guess who is to blame for this...

I particularly like Randall and Hopkirk (the 2000 Remake series). The original series has about as good writing as the remake, but the remake has more interesting actors and develops both main characters more equally by giving them both a world. I think the added afterlife scenes don't add a lot to the plot (even as they count as character development), but they do fill the role of providing neat ideas to add to one's imagination... It'd be interesting to have TV shows without proper plots that would just do that..

I wonder if the very high level of internet engagement of the current presidency of the US is a crossing of the Rubicon - can future presidents maintain and build on it once the public comes to expect it?

I suppose it's worth a laugh that I'm not looking forward to this migraine fading.


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