Pat Gunn (dachte) wrote,
Pat Gunn

Elementary Introductions

Today is a good day. I've been airing out my bedroom (Fabreeze generally smells much worse than any scent it is trying to mask, so I opened the outer window to my bedroom, pointed a fan at the carpet, and closed that room off), and sleeping on the floor of my living room makes my back and neck surprisingly happy. There was also a very pleasant-sounding rain throughout much of last night that was soothing. I woke up early, got to work at a sane hour, and had a nice morning playing with some web code for some services I'm running for my research group. My boss was ok with moving our regular meeting times to Friday. He's very cool about schedule matters, which is awesome.

The class itself was fantastic - the professor (Rauh, from Point Park University) has a sense of humour, a flexible approach to teaching, and he illustrates his points very clearly - with the examples he showed on the the overhead, I've already learned a number of terms of art for film, and I've also been forced to be conscious of camera movements and shot technique, something that I don't think I've ever actively perceived before. He gives a break halfway through the class (nicely avoids my tendency to fall asleep after about an hour of hearing someone talk) and has something I've always secretly admired - a near-encyclopedic knowledge of movies (without even a hint of focus on the popular-but-empty films). He knows who HP Lovecraft is, and I get the feeling that apart from possibly the Bollywood films and a few EastAsian films, he's probably seen and had conversations about everything in my movie shelf. I'm impressed. This class will be very awesome - I'm not sure whether I'll learn more about film in general or about Hitchcock, but I expect to learn a great deal.

I expect to finish off this wonderful day with a good dinner (probably at Aladdin's or someplace else I can get some mild wine) and watching either one of the Svankmajer films or Forbidden Zone. Any persons who want to join me for dinner and/or film at my place should let me know soon.

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