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It turns out I will miss a lecture on using a Wiimote to simulate conducting a symphony orchestra, which is a pity because it's a really great idea. An actual conducting game where one would be responsible to conduct an orchestra would be amazing (and maybe a bit too abstract for most people)!

It would also be amazing but possibly a bad idea if on AIM we routinely gave everyone we know nicknames descriptive of their personality and they could see them. I usually use boring aliases for people on IM because I don't tend to use it that much, but it'd be cute for there to really be a 「SpazzyFrenchDude」 or 「Stinkmop」 or 「BladderTooSmall」 and kind of horrible for that to be shared. Maybe it'd be like those 「honestybox」 type applications on various social networking sites.

Islam: Is ijtahid-aiming-towards-contributing-to-fiqh in modern times defined so that the relevant Ulemah needed to produce a judgement are those that are among a particular school of jurisprudence, among a country, or among a sect of Islam itself? Achieving scholarly consensus in modern times including mujtahid of all of Sunni Islam seems impossible on its face given the different rules of interpretation (as well as the geographic distances involved). Is it further a problem when combining 「earlier rulings are considered closed and true matters because of a consensus at the time」 and 「this ruling was made in the N dynasty, but a different ruling on the same issues was made in the Y dynasty」 - how are these things which have become marked as True by the system of jurisprudence reconciled? Size and/or disconnection of a community are interesting challenges, and the belief that one can reach Truth through discussion and consensus should at least invoke discomfort when disconnected communities reach different Truths. This is probably true in secular law - if we imagine that the Union and the Confederacy had split without war (I am not advocating this having happened!), a lawsuit-in-progress (assume bench trial) between a Yank and a Dixie in the old unified system might end up splitting in half and retrieving two different decisions by a newly split judiciary.

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