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Weekend was kinda messy. Final topping it off was trying to read the latest assignment for the Hegel reading group, leading to angry frustration at Hegel. Illegible in german, slightly worse in English, his works fit the old quip: 「This is not a book to be tossed aside gently, it should be thrown with great force」. I think the other Hegel I've read must've been from his later period where he's known as being less daring but much more understandable. I suppose if I can be arsed, I can use this time to work on jotting down my own thoughts on philosophical matters. I actually have a lot to say on these matters, I had hoped to refine these things with discussions and challenges by others but that seems unlikely.

I wonder if in the abstract it's healthy to keep this "try to never be angry at people" attitude.

Having read quite a bit more about Fiqh, it's becoming more clear where and how Islamist groups are heretical by traditional Islamic standards, although one could make a good case that the Wahabis have stepped beyond the ground as well, to a significantly lesser degree. It's interesting that the general trend in jurisprudence seems to be to aim for absolute certainty and hard convergence in matters of law while allowing second-guessing in matters of fact - Judicial review would take an interestingly different form in Sharia courts than western courts. I am not certain if what I would be tempted to call the high point of Sharia is still in practice anywhere in the Islamic world (although given how new I am to the topic we should not place too much stock in this) - perhaps the "middle ground" spoken of by jurist-scholars of the past proved too hard to sustain against secular liberal courts on one side and the radicals on the other. Shatibi bears more study - the diversity of traditions and approaches at least seems kind of old.

Amusement: idea of "Xenolawyers" - philosopher-jurists who would enter a foreign legal system and attempt to learn on-the-fly how to do some set of tasks - to what degree is legal knowledge system-specific? Sharia vs Halakah vs Common Law vs Socialist Law vs Napoleonic - is study in one a 「leg up」 on understanding the others beyond what a legal philosopher would have?

Language candy: agglutinitivity - "Necessito hablarte", "Daran fand ich das Haus"


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