Pat Gunn (dachte) wrote,
Pat Gunn

Iranian Presidential Endorsement

For what it's worth, I endorse Mir-Hussein Mosavi for the president of Iran in the (currently running) election.

  • He has indicated intent to disband the morality police, placing all police forces under control of the presidency and strengthening rule-of-law (the morality police have indicated that they may try to upseat him if he tries this)
  • He aims to reallow limited private media ownership, which is not important in the private aspect directly but is important in the independent aspect
  • He aims to continue the lessening of enforced gender segregation in Iran
  • He aims to improve diplomacy with the western world. Beginning with this, he has strongly criticised Ahmadinejad's public denial of Shoah (which Ahmadinejad has privately admitted to be dishonest but intended to rally people behind him at home and to anger Israel)
  • He has strong ties to Mohammad Khatami, a former president who is one of the better political figures in post-revolutionary Iran. Some of the details of this are made visible on the blog of Mohammad Ali Abtahi, a former minister under Khatami.

If Mosavi is elected, he will face a challenge similar to that faced by Khatami (and maybe similar to US President Carter?) - the political structures in Iran can easily obstruct any changes he would make if he is too bold.

My interests in Iran are as follows:

  1. Act as a partner for peace, with an end of ideological and financial support for Hezbollah and opening possibilities for permanent and productive diplomatic relationships with western powers
    • In the long run, I would like Iran to potentially replace Saudi Arabia as the US's strongest ally in the region
  2. Aid in stabilising Iraq, Pakistan, and to a limited extent Afghenistan
  3. Limit or eliminate religious vigilantism in Iranian society, particularly but not exclusively in institutionalised forms
  4. Limit or reduce government-mandated gender roles in Iranian society
  5. Replace the ever-shifting relations between the state and cultural expression in Iran with one that is unambiguously positive - the occasional short-lived music bans, for example, should be made a memory
  6. Continue and modernise Iran's academic traditions, making every city a Qom
  7. Broad long-term liberal reforms, an eventual end to Sharia (probably at least 40 years in the future)
Tags: politics

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