Pat Gunn (dachte) wrote,
Pat Gunn

Bookmarks Cleanage

Cleaning out my bookmarks makes me feel very old. A few things that make it really bad:

  • Less than a third of the links in the non-frequently-used section work
  • Merging the MacOS and the NeXTStep resource sections (maybe 2 NeXTStep resources are still good, one of them being Stepwise.)
    • The other site being OmniGroup, being able to sadly answer a question I had when I heard about the NeXT/Apple deal - would Omni finally get the recognition it deserves for making awesome software for NeXT all those years? No. Sigh.
  • Finding sites for businesses that closed up shop four years ago (meaning I must have last visited them likely over five years ago).
  • SGI. *sniff*. I still get kind of sentimental seeing SGI websites. I know they're not gone yet, but damn were they cool.
  • There were times when most applications didn't have their own hostname, half of them hosted off of some university server somewhere in Germany
  • People still had names. It wasn't rare for people to know the developers of many cool Unix apps one ran, and their friends might've had a site called "Largo's Windowmaker Themes" or similar and that wouldn't seem odd
  • Internet Junkbuster (now known as Privoxy) was considered edgy once, as was egcs
  • Oracle bought sleepycat software... ISAPNPTools existed...
  • I think this bookmarks file was converted, over the years, from running Netscape 2.0, and has been touched by Windows, OS/2, and Linux, Netscape, Mozilla, and Firefox. It's probably at least ten years old in continuity, and has seen well over twenty different computers. At some point, I expect I'll be talking computer stuff with people who are younger than my bookmarks file.

Oh, yes, this reminds me - apparently before I ran mplayer, I used an application called xanim to play videos on Linux. I don't remember much about it though.

Also, today the Zets gathered for the first time in .. a fairly long time. Sorrento's has not regained its former coolness though.


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