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You know...

  • You know it's storming hard when you must tilt your umbrella at 45° to maximally block rain.
  • You know it's raining hard when the curb and street both have the same water level
  • You know it's raining hard when you live in a community on the top of the hill and the supermarket floods
  • You know you have a nice laptop wireless antenna when there's no power in several blocks in all directions but you can still pick up some random person's wireless

Fortunately, I have candles. Unfortunately, Wean Hall is apparently flooded again. Tomorrow won't be fun (my machine room is there). Fortunately, I have some very good peanut butter and my laptop's power is holding out.


I had actually heard that Wean survived relatively well. At least the parts over in the direction of the Leap (incl. the leap itself) did not flood, presumably because of all the resealing and repaving they did on that patio.