Pat Gunn (dachte) wrote,
Pat Gunn

(In?)effective Civil Disobedience and Beyond

I do not understand it when radical political groups are planning (illegal) direct action and they put their plans up on their website for the world to see. It just ... boggles the imagination. Maybe I'm more used to the tight-knit ecology movement, but it seems to me that achieving an effect anonymously, without getting caught or even giving much of a hint when said action is going to happen is less likely to end up with failures and/or people sitting in jail. I guess they don't need to worry about agents infiltrating their group given how open they are, but they might as well send a notarised invitation to the police and various agencies when they do this kind of thing.

That said, if I were organising POG, I'd probably be attracting a lot more attention by not seeking it.


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