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Public Tombs

Attn broadcast news media,

You are betraying your function in society when, in a world with so much going on, all you can do is obsess over the death of a singer.

Yes, Michael Jackson was a very good popular musician, a cultural figure, and a rather messed up person. No, we do not need to hear at his death this much. I don't watch television except when I'm out eating and I have little choice, but at Taza 21 all the news channels were talking continuously about Michael Jackson, inheritance, children, etc. TV privileges there probably don't encompass turning the thing off, so I was forced to hide in the weather channel to avoid extreme irritation. Here at the Te Café there is another TV, but at least I have laptop and earphones.


You should not have heroes or idols. Appreciate what public figures do for you, and at most, if you could imagine having a really interesting conversation with them, you can think about stuff like that. Going beyond that is unhealthy and very irritating. These people wake up, do things, use the restroom a few times in a day, and go to sleep just like you do. They have a pretty similar body to yours, with aches and pains, favourite foods, body odors, etc. They probably struggle with a lot of the same things you do in life. They're not *that* interesting, even if they happen to be very good at something.

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Al Jazeera's article about institutional Christianity in the US military worries me. Also, I kinda like Bruce Schneier, but he recently had a post advocating an end to password masking that strikes me as being so horrifically wrong that it's left me pretty much speechless.