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On Rule of Law and Legalism

Developed On Rule of Law and Legalism (essay) to the point where it might say some interesting things. I sometimes think it would be nice to just carry around a tape recorder and publish it at the end of every day, but the refactoring it for public consumption probably does me good for a few reasons - it helps me more aware of which concepts and frameworks I've already presented (and can thus rely on), it helps me consistently use standard English, it makes me explicitly recognise how important or sure something is and where it should be categorised, and it's something that's actually searchable. All the little scraps of paper I jot to myself are generally in not so externally understandable a state. On the other hand, there's hardly anything up while there is a lot more written or sketched.

I recently finished Neil MacFarquhar's 「The Media Relations Department of Hizbollah Wishes You a Happy Birthday」. It was an excellent book that deserves a strong recommendation for anyone interested in Middle Eastern politics (and the relationship between people and government in general). Haaretz review, Google authors series with the author.

I again wish that Youtube did not give authors the ability ot disable ratings or comments on videos. The ability to annotate and rate is important in society, and providing easy tools to do that, if not done in the browser (where it really should be done) it makes sense not to make it difficult for people to do it on site if they offer it on other media.

This is the first example of the HTML canvas element that I have seen. It's not a perfect example (the text popups for some elements are invisible when they show up over another icon) but it's pretty neat (and less of a gross hack as Lemmings in DHTML).


I agree about ratings -- it's not clear to me why youtube video ratings should be disableable.

But have you ever tried reading Youtube comments? :-P

HTML Canvas

ProtoChart is a handy Javascript library I've used that uses Canvas to draw charts/graphs.